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April 2018

November 2017

The family grows


Steve’s son (Rod) joined the family business in 2017 and Ruby’s Liquor Store was established in Bowral, showcasing products from the Southern Highlands and the Bluestill Distillery.

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January 1996

Oak Spirits


Steve taught himself how to oak spirits and it turned out that people liked what he was distilling. Bluestill continued to grow and operations moved to an old jam factory in Young in 1996. Steve’s skill in creating depth and complexity during ‘barrelling’ have made the Bluestill Whisky Liqueur and Honey Bourbon best sellers. Steve [...]

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February 1980

When it all began


Steve Norris (Ruby’s owner and distiller), was a stone-fruit farmer in the Hilltops region and used his knowledge of fruit and the land to turn his hand to distilling. He started the Bluestill Distillery company in 1995 with slivovitz, a traditional plum brandy, holding tastings for locals among the cherry blossoms.

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